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Transformis 8.4 | Inspire

 Our prototype boat Inspire was born out of the desire to travel and live on the water. We combined the desire with our inspiration, ideas and knowledge about transforming and build a very liveable boat / caravan with a maximum of space. It allows you to travel all over Australia's roads and waterways. 

The trailerable houseboat with slide-outs is made with a German composite material called Monopan ™ and with a clever system that uses an air compressor to slide out the pontoons and boxes. A friend of mine builds 5th wheelers with slide-outs and we adapted that design for our proto-type.

Our design was slightly more complex as we planned to bring the whole pontoon out with the box but the principle stayed the same. So all of the building materials had to be light weight and resistant to salt water. The only material used are plastics and alloy and very little stainless steel. No timber, no fibreglass, nothing that will rot in either sun or water. 

The new version of the current houseboat 'Inspire' is a 7.7 metre boat which has been designed to allow more outdoor space and provide easier handling. 


 Our new amphibious boat design will impress the serious boaty, with no trailer to park and extra fold out flotation this could be the answer to many problems. The "Bass Boat" version should be available late this year and the "Fifth Wheeler" prototype should be released early next year. 


Transformis 7.7 Boat building manual with blueprints

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This comprehensive manual will give you all the information needed to build a replica of the above expandable houseboat on a trailer. It is supported with many actual photographs and detailed autocad drawings as well as a step by step description of how to build the boat, what skills are needed and where to source the materials from. The manual will be provided in PDF format or in hard copy by snail mail (add $25 for printing, postage and handling for hard copy)

Future Models



The next generation RV is on the drawing table. The idea is to save even more weight and combine the trailer chassis with the boat chassis and make it amphibious. The wheels will fold upwards after launching the boat and not be in contact with the salt water. The folding pontoons will add a walk-around deck and extra bouyancy to the craft.The fifthwheel tow setup will make towing a breeze and with the independent suspension will assure a go nearly anywhere boat.


Bass Boat

This little fishing boat model came out of the idea of building a small prototype for testing the concept of swinging the pontoons 180 degrees after launching the boat.

Step by step


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